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11:30 - 12:15

How do you develop a great digital strategy focused on the people who benefit most from your organization’s success? How can relationships with key beneficiaries be made more joyful, efficient, and inclusive through the deployment of technology?  

In discussing the case of one organization, Ottawa-based Odyssey Theatre, this informative presentation will demystify an approach to digital strategic planning that puts people first, not technology.  
Presented with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts’s Strategic Innovation Fund. 


Rachel Gray.png

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray is an interdisciplinary artist, creative leader, and communications strategist in Algonquin Territory/ Ottawa. Rachel's artistic processes and methodologies are informed by her interests in ecology and disability arts. She believes in the transformative potential of centering difference, viewing it as a gateway to creating flexible modes of organization and being.




Stephanie Nadeau

Stephanie Nadeau is the director and founder of Third Angle Projects, an open research initiative mobilizing professionals, artists, and researchers to collaborate on social and environmental innovation projects that benefit the Canadian arts and culture sector.  



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