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Allan André


Allan André is a Canadian born multi-disciplinary artist of Haitian descent based in Ottawa Canada. André’s work has been featured in New York, Orlando, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal exhibits. His mural work can be seen throughout Ottawa region.

André is a 3 time Art Battle National Champion and a winning contestant on CBC's competition show Crash Gallery. In 2015 days after a “Black Lives Matter” message was defaced on Ottawa’s legal graffiti Tech Wall, along with artist Kalkidan Assefa created a tribute to Sandra Bland. Allan hosted a series of local art socials called Canvas Lounge Thursday's. He has mentored youth for Youth Ottawa’s Artistic Mentorship Program (AMP) with Youth Ottawa and Is a founding member of OBAK (OTTAWA BLACK ART KOLLECTIVE) He believes life is art and we all are artists who leave our mark on the canvas we call the human experience.

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