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City Fidelia


Part raw, street poet and soulful RnB singer, City Fidelia is an artist whose music and storytelling defies traditional labels. An Ottawa native with Toronto has his home, and with NYC and LA frequent destinations, the rapper/songwriter’s humble and grounded upbringing is naturally woven into the fabric of his music and the stories he tells through his art. City’s ability to be vulnerable and authentic in his lyricism, telling stories about his own struggles and the unspoken nuances of modern life, is grounded in his goal to inspire inner-city youth to leave the path of hardship in order to pursue their dreams. City Fidelia spearheads Ensemble, a collective of creatives in music, fashion and art working on singular mission: to bring people together and teach that anything is possible through art. City Fidelia most recently made waves with his Freedumb project. The album caught the eyes of many, including Complex and Noisey, and lead single “Lately” skyrocketed on Spotify. Racking in over 5 million Spotify streams, City Fidelia single handedly inserted Ottawa into the hip hop discussion. As the leading artist out of the city, he prides himself on creating interlinking narratives that are as relateable as they are danceable. City wants fans to understand that they can be complex, they can feel down, they be emotional, and that he’s here for the ride. There’s no fronting or bombastic attitudes, just pure musicianship and honest lyricism.

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