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Fabien Laurent


Fabien "Pleur" Laurent is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, events coordinator, and arts administrator born in Montreal and based in Ottawa. A long standing member of the National Capital Region music scene, Fabien has performed across Ontario and Quebec for the last 20 years as a music producer, vocalist, rapper, DJ, and poet. They are currently working on the hyperpop inspired musical project HUG MOSH, and produce for and work with a number of musical artists across North America. As a visual artist, Fabien's work as a sculptor focuses on exploring the uncanny and otherworldly through the lens of science-fiction and fantasy. As a textile artist, Fabien works primarily as a rugmaker, currently working on a series intended as a study of American traditional tattooing. A frequent coordinator of local music and art events in Ottawa, Fabien has a dedicated focus on intersectionality, inclusivity, and the accurate representation of Ottawa's ever-changing demographics in the music, arts, and heritage sectors.

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