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Melissa Dubois Belanger


Melissa Dubois Belanger is a self-taught high contrast painter based in Ottawa, ON. Using a combination of light and dark colors, she aims to represent the balance between opposite forces. She creates portraits, landscapes, and occasional abstracts.

She started painting in 2017 to overcome trauma. In 2018, she received her first commission and has continued to build her clientele across Canada. Some commissions in 2022 include an album cover for Freddy Printz and a logo for a Studio in Montreal. In September 2019, she launched a website and took part in a Raw Artist showcase.

Over the pandemic, she created a collection of Quebec landscapes in the wake of her grandfather’s passing and a collection of portraits in dedication to musicians she admires. She exhibited these in 2022 with Signature handmade market, House of Paint, posAbilities, Basic human needs and Ensemble non-profit.

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