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With Xavior Kayvon

co-presented by OBAK

14:00 - 14:30

Xavior's artist talk "shines a light" onto various shadows and blind-spots of Ottawa's cultural history, including the historical significant of Brown's Clearners - the first Black family-owned business in Ottawa. This session will identify the intersections between community identity, art-making, and solidarity through celebrating our diverse histories within Ottawa.   

“Through my own story, and learning the stories of three of the first Black owned businesses in Ottawa, I will speak on the importance of community. I will focus on how community translates to me in the art world within the Capital city and how I feel we can bring about needed change.” 


Xavior Kayvon

As a Black, Nova Scotian-born, multidisciplinary artist, I express my artistic passion through various mediums, including acrylic/mixed media on canvas, music, and poetry/writing, both in exhibitions and live performances. I currently both live and work in Ottawa. As the recipient of the Equity and Inclusion in the Arts grant in 2023, I discovered a passion for uncovering Black history in Ottawa. I firmly believe in the power of open conversations, even if difficult, to instigate change. Through my art, I aim to be the voice that initiates these conversations. I hold the conviction that if not us, then who? My creative journey is an exploration of identity, history, and the transformative potential of art in fostering understanding and change. Live the life you love. See the colour. 

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