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Agenda Items are released on a rolling basis leading up to the conference date.

Persons and Personas Panel

Allan Andre, Fabien St-Laurent, Claire Farley 

Identity, capacity, and wellness: Unpack the tension between the art and the artist. How does “hustle” culture and entrepreneurship become toxic for the human being behind the public-facing brand? Discuss strategies to achieve work-life balance as an independent artist while maintaining a livelihood. 

Escape was Never an Option

Luisa Ji

The theme of I.R.L. asks “what does it mean to create art in real life?” Arts and culture are often seen as something for the general population to observe and enjoy from a distance. Similarly, natural landscapes are seen as untouchable pristine environments where interactions are forbidden. However, what constitutes “real life” cannot be looked at from afar nor kept pure. “Real life” is relationships that cannot and will not be separated cleanly into digital and material. Therefore, as part of my practice, I ask, “What does it mean to create art that allows us to look from a body, an ecosystem, a landscape, and a place? What does it mean to create art that allows us to experience enriching, fulfilling, and joyful relationships with living and non-living beings? What does it mean to create art that invites others to explore and play?”

Change = Always good, I think


From immigrating to another country, to moving cities, to the pandemic, which lead to a career changing decision, Drayton talks about why change is crucial in our lives. He speaks on the importance of stepping back, looking at the whole picture, and trying to see the good that comes out of it despite the probable feelings you may have towards the change. 

Breakout Session: What’s Your Problem

Vanessa Griffiths

Delegates sign up in advance to participate in a round-table discussion bringing forth specific problems or obstacles they face in their creative projects. This serves as a networking and brainstorming opportunity with other delegates to talk through problems, exchange resources and identify paths forward. 

Artist Development

City Fidelia

Artist Development is something creatives hear often, but many don’t know where to begin and where to focus their growth. This presentation will highlight the specifics of what it means to develop your craft, your brand, with tips and tricks to carry throughout your career. FRMULA co-founders City Fidelia and Rebecca Dickson will talk about their experience with Artist Development and how they brought it to life in a palatable way that speaks to emerging artists.

Starting a Non-Profit

Abe Abadi

Starting a business in arts and culture, company history, overview of the company, mission Statement, Key resources, business contact information, products or services, location details, understanding the market you serve.

Breakout Session: Engineering & Production


The Music Production panel will teach the audience everything they need to know about production. This panel is created for: Aspiring Producers, Musicians, Producers and Songwriters. Wherever you are in your journey, the Music Production panel will help those interested take their skill set to the next level.

Breakout Session: Videography

Evan Hartling

Learn all about videography and content creation from one of the city's top creators Solaris, A.K.A Evan Hartling. Topics covered in this workshop will include: Networking and relationship building, Benefits of learning and adapting to new styles and how to create your own unique style 

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